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  • Fantasy Brown leathered kitchen

    Fantasy Brown leathered kitchen

    This is a recent kitchen we installed for Waterville Custom Kitchens. This particular stone is called Fantasy brown and has...

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  • Magna Gold Granite Countertops

    Magna Gold Granite Countertops

    This ocean front home in Cape Elizabeth Maine was purchased in a state of disrepair. The new owner was renovating...

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  • Gray Soapstone Countertops

    Gray Soapstone Countertops

    These impressive kitchen countertops were constructed with Gray Soapstone....

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  • Recycled Glass Countertop

    Recycled Glass Countertop

    This dazzling countertop was made with a recycled glass product called Curava, and the color is olive branch...

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  • Absolute Black Fireplace

    Absolute Black Fireplace

    This fireplace uses Absolute Black granite, framed in bright white surround facing, against warm beige walls...

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  • Giallo Fiorito

    Giallo Fiorito

    Giallo Fiorito countertops soften and update the appearance of this kitchen...

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  • Azul Plantino

    Azul Plantino

    Azul Platino is a low variation, tightly speckled gray and white granite that blends well with almost any design...

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  • Impala Black

    Impala Black

    For new construction, Impalia Black provides a perfect backdrop for almost any kitchen design...

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  • Indus Red Countertops

    Indus Red Countertops

    This kitchen combines a strong use of color and reflection that create an attractive focal point...

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