My husband and I decided to replace our tile countertop with granite, and went to Waterville Custom Kitchens for the job.  Tim, at Waterville Custom Kitchens, used K&D to order, fabricate and install the granite.  We chose Virginia Mist granite, and the slabs K&D provided are gorgeous.  We asked to see the granite before the install date to approve it, and the K&D people were very accomodating.  They lifted the granite out for us to get a good look.  On the installation day, the crew were friendly and very skillful at what they do.  They took their time and went to some extra trouble to fit the backsplash to the wall tile above it.  It came out perfectly.  When I thanked them for all the time and care they took, they said that it’s better to get it right the first time.  Finally, I had had some concern about the area at the corner where two large slabs join.  The granite has flecks and veins, and I worried that the two slabs might not blend well.  But the K&D folks laid it out so that the two slabs blend perfectly.  You can barely see the seam.  We’ve received many compliments on the new countertops, and we love them.  Thanks for making this big job a positive experience. Judy Degnan

Judy Degnan ,