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IceStone Recycled Glass Surfaces

IceStone Recycled Glass Surfaces

Style and Sustainability

IceStone® durable surfaces deliver award winning design in a range of colors, from contemporary jewel tones to classic neutrals. Applications include: Countertops, backslashes, desktops, tables, and vanities.

Smart Design

IceStone is made from three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, portland cement, and non-toxic pigments. There are no harmful resins or petrochemicals in IceStone, so it's safe for people and for the planet. IceStone slabs are fabricated and cared for like natural stones. To maintain the surface, IceStone must be sealed and waxed.

Green Building

IceStone surfaces can contribute points to LEED projects for high recycled content, low-emissions, social responsibility, sourcing and manufacturing location. Our team is dedicated to creating high performance products as sustainably as possible.
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