A Comfortable Stone

Ron Pope, an American singer-songwriter, wrote a song called, “If You Were a Stone.” Have you ever wondered what kind of stone you would be, if you were a stone? Perhaps you’d be granite, nearly impervious to daily stresses. Or maybe you would be marble, because you are admired for your unrivalled, classy style. But if you are known for making the people around you feel as comfortable as their favorite pair of jeans, the you may be soapstone.

Soapstone is a terrific material for the kitchen, as it’s unaffected by heat (proven by its historical use for stoves). Being chemically neutral means that acids like tomatoes and lemon juice won’t damage it, and its density makes it impenetrable by everything, including bacteria and would-be stains. At K&D Countertops we can fabricate any size or layout countertop you desire as well as the very popular “Farmer’s sinks” that really adds to the old world charm of Soapstone.